Where is the TeacherLink Campus in the U.S.A.?

The Holy Moly -- my home (listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings) in Clarksdale, Mississippi -- is the TeacherLink Campus in the U.S.A. There has already been a lot of learning here in the building, but long-term plans are coming to production phase for filling the second-floor with people -- teachers and learners -- and fun!

The Holy Moly is my 12,000+ sq. ft. home 
and TeacherLink Campus in the U.S.A. 
There is a theatre, a dining room, and two 
living/working spaces on the 2nd floor.
The ground floor has a restaurant, along with 
three long-term living/working apartments, and 
a vacation rental apartment.
The Holy Moly Theatre has three stages.
The main stage (shown in this photo)

is perfect for music.
The other two stages are for story-telling and
film presentation.
In the past, I have enjoyed hosting traveling teachers, accommodating them in my home in Tennessee. I am starting that practice in Mississippi!

My husband and I have designed two living/working apartments within The Holy Moly. These two apartments, located on the second floor of The Holy Moly, will be where artists, performers, and instructors are invited to stay while working on, or presenting, a project in The Holy Moly.

Upstairs in The Holy Moly, there are two
"artist's apartments."
These apartments have been fitted-out for
long-term or short-term full-time living
for teachers and artists who are working on projects
to be presented in The Holy Moly.
The dining room, located across the hall from The Holy Moly Theatre and affectionately known as "The Temple of Treats," has a refurbished kitchen and a seating area large enough for 100 diners. The Holy Moly dining room is suitable for formal and informal dining, dinner presentations, social gatherings, and many culinary arts residency activities.

The Holy Moly dining room
is suitable for serving 100 people.

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